The FREE social network way to run your rink

Why Iceitopia?

In these current times there is nothing more important as communication and a clear understanding of what the restrictions are. Iceitopia is far more than a rink management software. It is a social network.

  • - Restriction based on area or program
  • - Instant communication between all
  • - Easy to use by all
  • - FREE to help keep your costs down

Rink/Club management

We are not just designed to help the rink. We help the clubs associated to the rink. Plus everyone else!

Skater/Coach needs

Instead of stopping at the rink walls. We have a full package for skaters, coaches and even parents.

Learn To Skate

Keeping track of memberships and levels and lots of kids can be tough. But we have a solution for that.


Our app is designed to connect everyone involved in a rink together on the same app all for the same purpose.

YouTube how to videos

If your rink or club would like to learn more about our software and how we can help you and everyone associated to you. Send us a request for a demo.
We don't just give a demo. When you are done with the demo you can start using the software. Give us the opportunity, You won't regret it!